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the 100hrs course

"Educating all students to achieve today and tomorrow in space technology."


Our Prime course


We bring you all new and excited 100hrs course. Where you will get to learn a lot about Rocket Science, how Rocket is powered, satellites and much more.

  • New Speakers

  • New topics


Every week!

Learn and inspire for a better future.

Course starting from 15th Jan 2022
Next Batch Start from 1st Feb 2022
The next Batch Start on 15th May 2022

Early booking has been started for the 100hrs course, interested students can register now for the course. 

To book your seat for the course kindly register here:

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Steps to Register


Find this registration button

and click on it


Fill out participant details


After completion of payment.

You will receive meeting link on your registered E-mail ID before 3hrs of event start time.

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Benefits you will get

  • Industrial visits to our Space Agency

  • Chance to work with our team in making of Infinity - One Rocket

  • During launch of our rocket, participants will get the credit of their work part.

  • Exposure in Space Industries.


What you will Learn

CFD Omspace

Rocket Science

  • Customize your launch with our infinity one reusable rocket.

  • Capable of launching small and nano satellites to the Lower Earth Orbit (LEO) at altitude of 800Kms.

  • This rocket's structure will be made of advanced composite material making use of 3-D Printing technology.

  • Reusable first stage and capable for re-launching within 24Hrs.

  • Indigenously developed Semi cryogenic engine.

  • Up-to 60Kgs of payload can be launched 2 stage launch vehicle Use of nano Avionics and on-board computers for precision landing.

Rocket Science

  • Basics of rocket science from theory to design.

  • Introduction to Rocket subsystem     

How many subsystems are there?

Requirements of subsystem

  • Basics of Rocket Trajectory

  • Fundamentals of Rocket Propulsion

  • Introduction to Rocket Aerodynamics

Rocket Physics

  • Introduction to Rocket and Space Industry

What is Rocket?

Why it is important?

  • Fundaments of Rocket Physics

Basics of Rocket Physics

Advances of Rocket Physics

Rocket Physics Omspace

Rocket Physics

  • Basics to advance level of physics.

  • Physics involved in making of Rocket.

  • How Rocket works

  • Aerodynamics

  • Astrodynamics

Omspace Rocket Infinity one

Rocket Modelling

  • Fusion 360

  • Open Rocket

  • Python

Rocket Modelling

  • Modelling of Rocket using Computer

Fusion 360

Open Rocket


  • Homemade Rocket modelling

Model Kit will be provided

Register here to be a part of our 100hrs course

and be a part of our team in making of Infinity-One Rocket.


After completion of payment.

You will receive meeting link on your registered E-mail ID before 3hrs of event start time.

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