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Australia Based Company Researchsat Collaborated with Omspace based on Mou

Australian based Satellite company ResearchSat has collaborated with Omspace Rocket & Exploration Private Limited. Both Company has signed the MoU on 3rd March 2021. The Omspace CEO, Mr RAVINDRA RAJ BINOD M and ResearchSat CEO Mr RaviTeja Duggineni has accomplished a major milestone towards making space accessible. ResearchSAT is a Small satellite and Nanosatellite company. Both Company will work together in a common domain based on MOU. This Collaboration will help in the Development of Space Technology Globally.

The ISRO - Indian Space Research Organisation and Australian Space Agency have recently signed the MoU on February 2021. This started a great relation between India and Australia in the Space Sector.

Omspace Rocket & Exploration Private Limited touches many countries like Australia, Russia, UK, Singapore and expands its territories in International Market.

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