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First time in India! reusable rocket

In approach to make #Atmanirbharbharat in space sector, Omspace Rocket and Exploration Pvt. Ltd. is the registered private limited firm operating from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We are here building affordable reliable efficient and reusable rocket to carry Nano Satellite and Smaller Cube satellite to Lower Earth Orbit. Which can be relaunched within 24 hrs. We are using an advanced method like 3D printing technology, Smart material approach, Nano Avionics, Advanced Navigation and Control and also developing Reusable Method to build a Hi-Tech Rocket. This will reduce the launch cost and make the space available for everyone. We have a team of highly motivated engineers and also growing our team to achieve our goal as soon as possible. Our advisory panel includes various people experienced in space sector or has high technical knowledge. They are Scientist from ISRO, Space Startups, Professor from IITs, University of Pennsylvania, and more.

We are also supporting space education to the youth and all the people interested in space technology. We also try to contribute in the development of skills of people in space sectors by providing some educational program and giving them the opportunities to join us as an intern and to contribute to the space technology together. We are always looking for someone highly motivated to develop space technology.

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