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Webinar for Covid Relief Fund: Noble Cause to save a life

It's very terrible to see the Pandemic Situation of India. Every day we watch the news to see thousands of Death. Lakhs of People Suffered From Covid-19. Literally, Peoples are Dying every day. Some news even creates tears in your eyes. Everyone is Affected by this pandemic in some way. Govt is trying to help even then the situation does not look improving.

At the same time, Many People or group of people are coming forward to help Covid-19 patients. We can't watch the world going down and do nothing. We are not a big company. But at some levels, we can at least try to help them. The Revenue will be used to help Covid-19 patients with Oxygen, bed and another facility.

At the same time, you will learn 'Life lessons of our Hounarble former President and great Scientist Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. " by His friend and Colleague Prof Elangovan Rajagopalan, Former ISRO Scientist, Core member of Mk II.

You will earn :

1. Workshop certificate.

2. Free Internship opportunity in Omspace Rocket and Exploration Pvt Ltd

3. Special Thank You letter and Audit Report of Money utilisation.

Venue : 12th May 2021 Time: 1700hrs (05:00pm IST)

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