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Stratosphere launch

OMspace Stratosphere Launch
Stratosphere Launch

OUR mission

Welcome to Omspace Rocket and Exploration,

where our mission is to redefine the landscape of space exploration through innovation, reliability, and a profound commitment to environmental sustainability. At the heart of our vision is the Rocket Infinity One, India's pioneering reusable rocket meticulously crafted for the deployment of small and nano satellites.

Our mission is to propel the world into a new era of space access, setting unprecedented standards with the Rocket Infinity One's remarkable 24-hour post-launch reusability. Through cutting-edge technology and a strategic vision, we aim to conduct 51 launches annually, solidifying our leadership in the global space sector.

Dedicated to addressing the specific needs of small and nano satellites, Rocket Infinity One opens avenues for scientific, commercial, and research endeavors. Our commitment to sustainable and cost-effective solutions reflects in every aspect of our operations. Join us on this celestial journey as we push the boundaries of what's possible, embodying the fusion of innovation, reliability, and eco-consciousness. Together, let's explore the vast expanse of the universe and shape the future of space exploration. 

OUR payload

Our cutting-edge payload platform features an advanced proprietary on-board computer, meticulously designed to capture and process comprehensive flight data throughout the mission. From altitude and speed to coordinates, trajectory, temperatures, radiation levels, acceleration, and beyond, our on-board computer is the nerve center, ensuring a meticulous record of every crucial parameter. It also oversees the operation of GPS trackers, beacons, and the precise balloon release mechanism.

Incorporating a state-of-the-art radio communication system, our onboard technology facilitates seamless two-way communication. This capability empowers us to downlink telemetry and execute uplink commands to the balloon in real-time, all monitored from our dynamic mobile mission control. This real-time tracking ensures strict adherence to safety regulations.

Our achievements extend to deploying a diverse array of onboard camera equipment, including specialized systems for filming and photography in the stratosphere. From camera stabilization setups to capturing immersive 360-degree videos, our technology has proven resilient in the challenging stratospheric conditions. Moreover, we have undertaken successful scientific missions, deploying payloads to study atmospheric phenomena and measure material properties under stratospheric conditions. Elevate your expectations with our pioneering advancements in stratospheric exploration!

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