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Stratosphere launch

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OUR mission

We launch payloads using high-altitude air balloon with payload platform suspended underneath. We are expanding our business globally by collaborating with global start-ups to contribute in upscaling the space technology. Our team has performed a number of scientific research missions to the stratosphere commissioned by our global partner institutions.

OUR payload

Our proprietary payload platform is equipped with our proprietary on-board computer that collects flight data during the entire mission, such as altitude, speed, coordinates, trajectory, temperatures, radiation levels, acceleration, overloads and much more. The computer also controls the GPS trackers and beacons, as well as the balloon release mechanism. Our onboard systems typically include a radio comm system that provides two-way communication, enabling us to downlink telemetry and uplink commands to the balloon. This enables us to track the balloon in real time in our mobile mission control and ensure that all the required safety regulations are followed. We have successfully used about a dozen various types of onboard camera equipment for filming and photography during the mission. We have successfully launched camera stabilization systems, as well as systems for filming full spherical 360-degree videos in the harsh conditions of the stratosphere. We have launched a number of scientific missions that have carried scientific payloads for researching atmospheric phenomena or measuring properties of sample materials in the conditions of the stratosphere.

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