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OSRE FZC, stands as a leading aerospace company with a strong presence in Sharjah and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Specializing in rocket development and satellite manufacturing consulting, OSRE is at the forefront of transforming the aspirations of space exploration into tangible achievements.

The core of OSRE's mission is to propel space technology forward, with a particular focus on the design and production of rockets and satellite systems. By combining innovation and expertise, OSRE plays a crucial role in advancing the capabilities of space exploration, contributing to the broader landscape of aerospace development.

Going beyond its primary focus, OSRE is actively engaged in educational initiatives aimed at fostering interest in space sciences. The company establishes aerospace labs in schools and institutes, providing students with hands-on experiences that ignite curiosity and inspire the pursuit of knowledge in the field of aerospace.

Not limited to local endeavors, OSRE reaches a global audience through its workshops and webinars. These platforms serve as opportunities for knowledge dissemination and collaboration, bringing together experts, enthusiasts, and aspiring professionals to share insights and advancements in the ever-evolving realm of space technology.

OSRE's commitment extends beyond national borders, aiming to play a pivotal role in the growth of the global space tech ecosystem. Situated in the dynamic landscape of the UAE, OSRE benefits from the innovative spirit of the region, positioning itself as a key player in the international aerospace arena.

By embracing the acronym Omspace Rocket and Exploration, OSRE communicates its dedication to making significant strides in the space industry. Joining OSRE on its journey signifies becoming a part of a transformative force, working towards expanding the horizons of space exploration and making space technology accessible to a wider audience. As OSRE continues to pioneer advancements in aerospace, it invites individuals, institutions, and visionaries to be a part of this exciting venture into the future of space exploration.


1. Rocket and Satellite Consultancy

2. International Standard Space Lab

Omspace Rocket and Satellite OSRE
Omspace Rocket Manufacturing OSRE

3. Aerospace Component Manufacturing Consultancy

Omspace Rocket Manufacturing OSRE

4. Aerospace sub system for Satellites

5. Aerospace sub system for launch vehicle.

OSRE or Omspace Rocket and Satellite


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