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Indian Space Startups and IN-SPACE [ISRO]

Space startups have always been at the knighthood position in space research and exploration. The New Space India Ltd (NSIL), commercial arm of ISRO is set to engage the support with startups and private players for new applications and ISRO infrastructure and terminologies to apply them. It was a great initiative by our government to boost up the Indian space private sector and space startups. I can see a huge potential in the development of space sector in India. Many Indian Startups like us are really appreciating the decision taken by the govt. of India. As per our Honorable ISRO Chairman Dr. K. Siwan, announced that the IN Space will be functional within 6-7 Months, we are very excited and eagerly waiting for the system to start. However, it was really great to know that the ISRO already started to take the application from private firm and to provide them help as per their requirement. Also the various facility are going to be provided to the space startups in launching Rocket, building satellite , mentoring, etc. This are really a great news for all of us.

No doubt that new version of India is emerging where space sector will play one of the major role in the development of Indian Technology. #Atamnirbharbharat #INSpace #ISRO #Startup #Space. A great thanks to our Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Whose is the real mind behind all these initiative.

As ISRO chairman K Sivan has confidently stated the future and roadmap encouraging private industries, enhancing the local contribution. K Sivan said that the private industry is already the stakeholder of 80% of the production of satellites and rockets in India which would result more efficiently when looped with complete understanding and support assurance.As the production of rockets plays a very important role and game changer in India and all over space industry, most of the key changes are expected to rise by 2050. ISRO is all set to engage the private companies to manufacture its small satellite launch vehicle and polar satellite launch vehicles. At OmSpace R&E we welcome this announcement of opportunity and find it the perfect example to open the doors to space research and exploration for all with commercialisation of India’s Space programmes with a crucial role in rocket and navigation systems with the next space revolution.

Source : ISRO;



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