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State Minister Harsh Sanghvi's Visit to OmSpace Rocket and Exploration Pvt LtD.

On 16th January 2023, Mr. Harsh Sanghvi, the state Minister of Home, Police, and Disaster Management, visited Omspace Rocket and Exploration Pvt Ltd. on National Start-up Day at EDII Cradle, Gandhinagar. The visit was a significant step in the growth and development of the start-up industry in the state.

Mr. Sanghvi was welcomed by the Omspace team and given a tour of their facilities. The Minister was impressed by the innovative and cutting-edge technology developed by the start-up, which is focused on providing cost-effective and efficient space exploration solutions. He praised the team for the hard work and dedication, and for our contribution to the development of the aerospace industry in the country.

During the visit, Mr. Sanghvi discussed the challenges faced by start-ups in the industry and the role that the government can play in supporting their growth. He emphasized the importance of creating a supportive environment for start-ups to thrive and grow, and the need for access to resources such as funding, mentorship, and networking opportunities.

The National Start-up Day was an opportunity for start-ups to showcase their innovations and connect with investors, mentors, and industry leaders. The event was well attended by entrepreneurs, investors, and government officials, and provided a platform for start-ups to showcase their ideas and technologies.

In conclusion, the visit by Mr. Harsh Sanghvi to Omspace Rocket and Exploration Pvt Ltd. on National Start-up Day was a significant event for the start-up community in the state. It demonstrated the government's commitment to supporting the growth of the start-up industry and providing a supportive environment for entrepreneurs to succeed. The event was a great success and set the stage for further collaboration between start-ups and the government in the future.

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